Wednesday, September 9, 2009

To Buy or Not to Buy: Satin, Suede Shoes

After a day of heavy cleaning in my mom's house yesterday, I spent a couple of hours today at the huge Roosevelt Field Mall in Garden City, NY. I got some jeans I'd been lusting after for a while from Delia's, finally got my skin color-matched at MAC (NC 20), and found a killed pair of shoes I'm still debating whether to buy or not...

Steve Madden's LAADY shoes in purple. Regularly $100, but there's a promotion ending tomorrow in which you spin a wheel in the store to "win" a percent discount off your purchase....So I could probably end up getting them for around $80.

The shoes are pricey, but it was love at first sight. On one hand...where am I going to wear them? Not to my new job! On the other...they are so awesome looking.

What do you think?


Thanh said...

They are sexy!!
What are the return policies?
I think what you should do is buy it & if you change your mind return it.
I think you might have one of them moments when you're going out with mates & then when you trying to decide wat shoes you might think - "damn that killer shoes would've been great now!"
Coz I know I tend to do that.

Lucy said...

What if you got an even better deal than the $80? I'd buy them as long as I could return them. Hopefully they will still be there. You can wear them during the Christmas season! How about New Years? They are gorgeous and look lovely on you.

dana said...

Would you wear them often? They look very special, dramatic, theatrical....beautiful! Do you have many clothes which would suit the colors of these shoes?
Hm. Lovely, unique shoes but I'll bet you could find another lovely unique pair of shoes which could be worn with more options. Maybe you should hold off on purchasing these. If you don't find another pair soon that you love as much, then definitely get the suede ones :)

ana b. said...

I love the deep, rich colours of the shoe.

AmberlyThrower said...